We have moved online! While the studio is closed, we are offering a range of online hip hop dance classes to all our students where they can continue to learn hip hop technique, try fun choreography and tutorials, and access dance-based fitness classes for all fitness levels. These classes are for studio members only, to join the studio and receive the password, contact Megan on 083 656 1373 or Sheri on 084 643 9391.


Technique and choreography classes for all juniors groups.


Technique and choreography classes for all intermediate groups.


Technique and choreography classes for all senior groups.


Short, fun choreo pieces for the whole studio to try.


Short tutorials of individual skills or tricks and correct exercise form.


Cardio, strength and cool down classes with a mix of difficulties. Try the new weekly workouts or pick your favourites to develop your own complete 45min exercise routine.

Leap Junior

Junior performance team classes.

Leap Senior

Senior performance team classes.