Online Hip Hop Dance Classes

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been forced to close the studio. Considering the health and safety of our students, we have decided to move all hip hop classes online until we can get back to regular classes. This means that all students can access a range of classes from the Online Classes section of the website. We believe it is important to keep dancing as a stress reliever, a creative outlet, and a positive force during these hard times, and we hope this website will make dance as accessible as possible.

How it works

Students can access their weekly hip hop video classes online, either from the online classes page or dropdown menu. Students will be given a password for their class group to enter that allows access to all classes. These classes are for studio members only, to join the studio and receive the password, contact Megan on 083 656 1373 or Sheri on 084 643 9391.

Types of classes

The junior, intermediate and senior class groups each have a dedicated page where they can access technique classes in a range of styles. These classes will focus on the foundations of a particular style and end with a short choreography piece in that style. Students can earn merits for technique classes by participating in the “Challenge Yourself” videos and sending video recordings of the completed challenges for critique and feedback.

The three sections available to the whole studio are the choreography, tutorials and fitness classes. Each week a short, fun piece of choreography will be added for the whole studio to try for extra practice or for those who are not participating in the technique class for that week.

The tutorials will be short demonstrations of certain moves or tricks for any students to try. Under the tutorials page, you will also find short instructional videos on the correct fitness form for some of the exercises in our fitness classes.

The fitness page has three sections – warm-up and cardio, strength training, and cool down. As a dance studio, we aim to keep the fitness classes dance-focused by matching each workout to the corresponding technique of that week and involving dance and music in each section. Students can do the weekly workout by combining videos from all three sections, or choosing their favorites of each category, to create a full 45-minute workout. We encourage all students to take part in fitness classes to stay healthy and keep up their strength.

Unfortunately, all the events the two Leap performance teams were preparing to participate in have been cancelled. However, we want to ensure their incredible talents are put to good use! The online Leap classes will still be performance-focused, and every few weeks students will send videos of their dances to be posted on social media as “mini-events”.

We will be back in the studio as soon as it is completely safe to do so. In the meantime, we encourage all students to keep dancing and take advantage of all the new class offerings. For any questions or to join online, contact Megan on 083 656 1373 or Sheri on 084 643 9391.

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